Tropicana Complete Sampler

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Try all of our sauces and pastes:

Tropicana Laksa

Our most popular spciy paste. Just mix with coconut cream to make a delicious hot and spicy soup base, ready for your favourite noodles, seafood, meat and vegetables.

Tropicana Nonya Curry

Our traditional Nyonya curry paste with Malay & Chinese flavours. This recipe was created by our great-grandmother who carefully crafted her mix of spices to create this beautiful taste.

Tropicana Rendang

Our authentic sweet and spicy paste, great for beef or your favourite meat and potatoes.

Hainan Chilli

A staple for any Singaporean fridge. Our sweet and spicy version, with strong ginger and garlic flavours, make this a great dipping sauce for all occasions.

Indonesian Sambal 

Our traditional spicy shrimp based chilli sauce. Great for stir fried spinach or prawns, or to give your fried rice extra spice and fragrance!

Super Hot Sambal Olek 

Our extra hot sauce made of chillies with no other additives for a simpler taste. Use this sauce to add heat to a dish without altering the other delicate flavours.

Chilli Crab 

Our delicious ginger, peanut sauce - great for mud crabs, or even as a salad dressing or dipping sauce.

Hainan Chicken Rice Mix

Enjoy fragrant Hainan chicken rice at home with our tasty pre-made mix. Simply add to your rice cooker for a quick and easy dinner. Our mix can also be used to add a rich flavour to any stir fry.